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North Cape Wind Farm

The Prince Edward Island Energy Corporation is the owner and operator of a 10.56 Megawatt wind power facility at North Cape, Prince Edward Island. The wind farm was constructed in two phases, with the eight - Vestas V-47 turbines of Phase I being commissioned in November 2001. Phase II activities, which doubled the facility's generating capacity by adding eight more V-47 turbines, were completed in November 2003. Each turbine has a generating capacity of 660 kilowatts.

A premium is being paid by the Government of Canada and the Province of Prince Edward Island for power produced from the Phase I development to supply public buildings in the province. For a period of ten years, federal and provincial governments will purchase 13 Gwh and 3 Gwh, respectively, of electricity from the Phase I production. Island businesses and individuals may also demonstrate their support for renewable energy by purchasing "green" power from Maritime Electric Company Limited. Proceeds from the premium price that is being paid for green power is invested in the Phase II development.

All electricity from the North Cape Wind Farm is being transmitted from North Cape to Maritime Electric's substation at Huntley, PEI. This 28 kilometer, 69 kilovolt transmission line was built by the Prince Edward Island Energy Corporation under the Phase I project. From the Huntley substation, Maritime Electric Company is responsible for further transmission and distribution of the electricity to Island consumers.

In addition to the 16 turbines that form the generating capacity and the 69 kilovolt transmission line, there were several other activities necessary to complete construction of the North Cape facility. Major components included the development of approximately five kilometres of access roads, construction of a pad-mount transformer station and the placement of an underground distribution system.

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