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Environmental Advisory Council

Statute : Environmental Protection Act     LINK

Environmental Advisory Council
To serve as an advisory board to the Minister on environmental issues.
To provide advice to the Minister and the department on environmental issues. Typically the Minister will ask the Council to give advice on a topic of interest. Also, judging of the PEI Environmental Awards and judging of the provincial science fair. The Minister may request that a sub-committee be struck to provide a report on a specific topic. Past examples include: Managing Land and Water on a Watershed Basis; Recommendations for the Regulation of Construction and Demolition Debris Sites in PEI; and Recommendations for the Regulation of Pesticides in PEI.
Primary Role
Material Role
The Council shall consist of not less than ten and not more than fifteen members appearing to the Minister to be representative of the public, including representation of the interests of agriculture, tourism, fisheries and industry and one member nominated by the Federation of PEI Municipalities.
Formal Qualifications
Not Applicable
Work & Experience Requirements
Skills Required
Statutory Nomination Requirements
The Lieutenant Governor in Council shall appoint all members.
Traditional Nomination Requirements
Federation of PEI Municipalities nominate their own representative.
Chair - $113/diem and Members - $73/diem
Anticipated Time Commitments
Minimum one meeting per month (approximately 3.5 hours) except in July and August. Sub-committee work can be a substantial time commitment.
Other Notes
Members of the Council shall be appointed for such term as the Lieutenant Governor in Council may determine in the case of each member and are eligible for reappointment. A person who has served two consecutive terms as a member of the Council is not, during the twelve months following the completion of his second term, eligible for reappointment to the Council.

Mr. Richard DaviesQueens CountyChair Jan 12, 2013Jan 12, 2016
Nick WebbPrince County Mar 19, 2014Mar 19, 2017
Darlene MoorePrince County Mar 19, 2014Mar 19, 2017
Arthur SmithQueens County Mar 19, 2014Mar 19, 2017
Mr. Paul GallantKings County Mar 29, 2014Mar 29, 2017
Dean StewartPrince County Apr 10, 2015Apr 10, 2018
Wayne GallantPrince County Apr 10, 2015Apr 10, 2018
Lokesh GargQueens County May 9, 2013May 9, 2016
Irene DawsonQueens County May 9, 2013at pleasure
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