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Advisory Council on the Status of Women

Statute : Advisory Council on the Status of Women Act     LINK

Advisory Council on the Status of Women
The Council shall (a) develop public awareness of the issues affecting the status of women; (b) promote a change in attitudes within the community in order that women may enjoy an equality of opportunity; (c) encourage discussion and expression of opinion by Island residents on issues affecting the status of women; (d) advise the Minister with respect to such issues as the Minister may refer to the Council for consideration; (e) review policies and legislation affecting women and report its findings to the relevant governmental departments or agencies; (f) provide assistance to the Minister in promoting changes to ensure the attainment of equality objectives of women; and (g) provide assistance, as the Council deems appropriate, to organizations and groups whose objectives promote the equality of women.
The Council may (a) receive and hear submissions and suggestions from individuals and groups concerning the status of women; (b) research matters relating to the status of women and suggest research areas in relation thereto that may be studied by any interested person; (c) recommend and participate in programs concerning the status of women; (d) recommend legislation, policies and practices to promote equality of opportunity for women and to improve the status of women; (e) publish such reports, studies and recommendations as the Council feels advisable; and (f) present reports to the Minister for presentation to the Legislative Assembly.
Primary Role
Material Role
The Council shall consist of nine members appointed by the Lieutenant Governor in Council.
Formal Qualifications
Not applicable
Work & Experience Requirements
An understanding and interest in women's rights is recommended.
Skills Required
Mediation skills
Statutory Nomination Requirements
The Lieutenant Governor in Council shall appoint all members.
Traditional Nomination Requirements
An effort is made to ensure all areas of PEI are represented.
Chair - $161/diem and Members - $109/diem.
Anticipated Time Commitments
At least four meetings each year. Extra time commitment may be required to carry out personal research.
Other Notes
The members of the Council shall be appointed for a term of not less than two and not more than three years. A member is eligible for reappointment for a second term of not less than one and not more than two years. Anyone who has served on the Council for a period of four years or more is ineligible for reappointment.

Mari BasilettiQueens CountyChair Jan 22, 2016Jan 22, 2018
Deborah LangstonQueens CountyChair Mar 22, 2016Mar 22, 2019
Melissa MullenKings County Jan 22, 2016Jan 22, 2018
Patti WheatleyQueens County Jan 22, 2016Jan 22, 2018
Eileen BrownPrince County Mar 1, 2014Mar 1, 2016
Louise MacLeodKings County Mar 1, 2014Mar 1, 2016
Catherine RankinPrince County Jul 26, 2014Jul 26, 2016
Diana LariviereQueens County Jul 28, 2015Jul 28, 2018
Yvonne DeaglePrince County Sep 9, 2014Sep 9, 2017
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