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PEI Grain Elevators Corporation

Statute : Grain Elevators Corporation Act     LINK

PEI Grain Elevators Corporation
Conduct the affairs and business of the PEI Grain Elevators Corporation.
The objects of the Corporation are (a) to stimulate feed grain production in the province; (b) to bring uniformity to the industry through marketing of grain produced in the province; (c) to provide facilities for the central marketing, drying and storage of grain; and (d) to provide distribution outlets for grain producers, livestock feeders and the feed industry.
Primary Role
Material Role
Strategic Development
The board of directors shall be comprised of not less than five and not more than seven directors appointed by the Lieutenant Governor in Council with not less than two of such directors being grain producers, and not less than one of such directors being a livestock producer.
Formal Qualifications
Not Applicable
Work & Experience Requirements
Livestock and grains experience.
Skills Required
Agriculture economics skills.
Statutory Nomination Requirements
The Lieutenant Governor in Council shall appoint all members.
Traditional Nomination Requirements
Not Applicable
Chair - $200/diem and Members - $142/diem.
Anticipated Time Commitments
Monthly meetings
Other Notes
The members of the board may be appointed to hold office for a term of three years and may be re-appointed.

Mr. David ThompsonQueens CountyChair Apr 26, 2013Apr 26, 2016
Donald PickeringQueens County Jan 6, 2012Jan 6, 2015
Earle SmithPrince County Feb 19, 2013Feb 19, 2016
Robert MulliganQueens County Mar 4, 2012Mar 4, 2015
Ms Tracey MacEwenPrince County Apr 26, 2013Apr 26, 2016
Clayton BulpittKings County Oct 20, 2012Oct 20, 2015
Gerald MacIsaacPrince County Nov 23, 2013Nov 23, 2016
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