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Child Care Facilities Board

Statute : Child Care Facilities Act     LINK

Child Care Facilities Board
The object of the Board is to ensure the provision in facilities of child care that is safe, of good quality and appropriate to the needs of children.
The functions of the Board are (a) to license child care facilities and issue certificates to qualified persons; (b) to advise on standards for facilities and minimum qualifications for certification; (c) to monitor the operation of facilities and ensure adherence to prescribed standards; (d) to advise the Minister on regulatory issues in the field of early childhood development and child care.
Primary Role
Material Role
The Board shall consist of seven members, of whom (a) one shall be a member of the staff of such health and community services agency as the Minister may choose; (b) one shall be a member of the staff of such education agency as the Minister may choose; (c) two shall be members representing the Early Childhood Development Association and appointed by the Minister; (d) two shall be members of the public at large, appointed by the Minister; (e) one shall be a public officer, appointed by the Minister to be chairperson.
Formal Qualifications
Dependant on the position sought.
Work & Experience Requirements
Dependant on the position sought.
Skills Required
An understanding of the child care systems on PEI, as well as tribunal skills.
Statutory Nomination Requirements
All members are appointed by the Minister.
Traditional Nomination Requirements
Not Applicable
Chair - $161/diem and Members - $109/diem.
Anticipated Time Commitments
Regular meetings set by Chair.
Other Notes
Appointments shall be for a maximum of three years; members may be re-appointed but shall not serve more than two consecutive terms.

Ryan NealeQueens CountyChair Apr 1, 2009Apr 1, 2012
Fairly YeoPrince County at pleasureMar 30, 2012
Beverly LewisQueens County Mar 25, 2009Mar 31, 2012
Lucille FontaineQueens County Apr 21, 2009Mar 31, 2012
Ms Lisa MacLarenQueens County Apr 10, 2012Apr 19, 2015
Rheo RochonKings County Mar 1, 2009Aug 31, 2010
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