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Board of Governors of Holland College

Statute : Holland College Act     LINK

Board of Governors of Holland College
The purpose of the board is to oversee the Holland College facilities located on PEI, as well as make necessary appointments and removals of all personnel involved in the operation of these facilities.
The government, conduct, management and control of the college and college property, revenues, expenditures, business and affairs are vested in the board and the board has all powers necessary or convenient to perform its duties and achieve the object and purpose of the college including, without limiting the generality of the foregoing, the power (a) to appoint the President; (b) to remove, for cause, the President; (c) to appoint and remove the heads of all divisions and departments, administrative officers, faculty, and such other officers and employees as the board considers necessary or expedient for the purposes of the college but no persons shall be appointed or removed as head of a division or department as a member of the faculty of the college except on the recommendation of the President; (d) to fix the numbers, duties, salaries, terms of office, and other emoluments of all members of the staff of the college; (e) to appoint committees and to delegate any of the powers of the board to any such committee or to any person; (f) to establish advisory bodies; (g) to make bylaws and regulations for the conduct of its affairs; and (h) to enter upon, take and appropriate, with or without the consent of the owner thereof or of any person interested therein, all such real property as may be considered necessary for the purposes of the College, making due compensation therefor to the person entitled thereto; but in the event of no mutual agreement as to the amount of compensation being arrived at within the period of sixty days from the date of such entry, the amount of compensation shall be fixed and determined by three arbitrators, one to be appointed by the College, another by the person owning the real property so taken, and the third by the two arbitrators so appointed; the procedure and provisions for expropriation and of appeal are as provided by the Expropriation Act
Primary Role
Material Role
Strategic Development
The board shall consist of (a) two representatives elected from and by the student body in a manner determined by the board; (b) two representatives elected from and by the faculty in a manner determined by the board; (c) two representatives from the business and industrial community of the province appointed by the Lieutenant Governor in Council; (d) two representatives below the rank of deputy minister from departments or agencies of the government of PEI or of teachers employed by a regional school board, appointed by the Lieutenant Governor in Council; (e) four representatives to be appointed by the Lieutenant Governor in Council; and (f) the President of the College and the President of the University as members by virtue of their offices.
Formal Qualifications
Not Applicable
Work & Experience Requirements
Dependant on the position sought.
Skills Required
Tribunal skills, management skills.
Statutory Nomination Requirements
The Lieutenant Governor in Council shall appoint business and industrial representatives, department and agency or school teacher representatives, and four other representatives from a list of nominees.
Traditional Nomination Requirements
Student and faculty representatives appointed by the Board.
no remuneration
Anticipated Time Commitments
Meetings are generally infrequent.
Other Notes
The members of the board shall hold office as follows: (a) appointments shall be of three years duration; (b) members elected by the student body shall hold office while they are students in good standing, but not in any case exceeding three years; (c) members of the board are eligible for re-appointment or reelection.

Kathy O'RourkeQueens CountyChair May 18, 2013May 18, 2016
Brad ColwillQueens County Feb 4, 2015Feb 4, 2018
Shelley MacLean-EllisPrince County Feb 21, 2015Feb 21, 2018
Barry BeckKings County Mar 26, 2013Mar 26, 2016
Michael O'BrienQueens County Mar 26, 2013Mar 26, 2016
Chris BulmanPrince County May 18, 2013May 18, 2016
Kent ScalesQueens County May 18, 2013May 18, 2016
Kim GreenQueens County Aug 8, 2014Aug 8, 2017
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