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Anoxic Events

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Anoxic events are a common occurrence in Island estuaries during the summer months.  The symptoms of an anoxic event include:

  • milky white or green discolouration of the water, 
  • H2S or 'rotten turnip' odour, and                        
  • low (near zero) dissolved oxygen readings.

A list of sites that have recorded anoxic events so far in 2015 is provided below.  A map of these sites is also available.

Historial information, from 2004 to 2014, is also available. A map that highlights the intensity of anoxic events across PEI from 2010 to 2014 is also provided.

Please note that information provided may not capture every anoxic estuary in PEI for a particular year. Some events may not have not been reported to, or documented by, the Department of Communities, Land and Environment.

2015* Anoxic Events

Darnley Basin (Hunter's Creek)
French River
Hunter-Clyde River
Little Harbour
Mary's River
Mill River (incl. Hills River)
Montrose/Kildare River (Large area of River from Montrose to Kildare Bridge)
Oyster Creek (Cascumpec)
Souris River
Southwest River (upper Southwest and Durant Creek)
Trout/Stanley River (Gunn's Bridge, Founds Creek, Granville Creek)
Wheatley River
Winter River
Tignish River

* Current to September 1, 2015

If you have questions related to anoxic events in PEI, please contact the PEI Department of Communities, Land and Environment at (902) 368-5044.

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