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Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Review Process

PEI has established an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) review process for any project that may have a negative impact on the environment.  The EIA review is a valuable tool. In the early stages of planning it allows the applicant, federal and provincial regulatory agencies, and the public to identify and address environmental issues that may be associated with a specific project.

All EIAs follow a four-step review process:

1. When an application for an environmental impact assessment is received, a technical committee with the Department of Communities, Land and Environment reviews it for completeness.  Additional information may, or may not, be requested.

2. Next, the public is provided with an opportunity to review the proposed project, offer comments, or identify concerns.  To assist with this, the department makes the proposal available online for review.

3. If, through this public consultation process, legitimate concerns are raised that have not been addressed in the proposal, additional study may be required.

4. Once the assessment process has been completed, the Minister of Communities, Land and Environment decides whether to approve or deny the project. 

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