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Applying for an Environmental Impact Assessment

What is an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)?

An environmental impact assessment helps to determine any possible impacts, positive or negative, that a proposed project might have on the environment.  In this way, negtive or harmful impacts can be identified and addressed before a project begins.

An EIA examines the possible impacts of a project on people, animals, plants, land, air, and water.

When is an Environmental Impact Assessment required?

You need to apply for an environmental impact assessment if your project includes any new construction, industry, or operation or any alternation of an existing operation or industry that may:

  • cause the release of any contaminant into the environment;
  • have an effect on any unique, rare, or endangered feature of the environment;
  • have a significant effect on the environment, or make further development necessary that is likely to do so; or
  • cause public concern because of its known or possible effect on the environment.

Any project that meets the above criteria must be screened by the Department of Communities, Land and Environment.

Are there additional requirements?

There may be.  If you are establishing an operation that will house livestock, you must also complete and submit a Commercial Livestock Operations, Project Information Form.

What is the fee for an Environmental Impact Assessment?

The fee is based on the cost of the project, as follows:

 Fee  Cost of the Project
 $ 100  Under $ 200,000
 $ 500  $ 200,000 to $ 999,999
 $ 2,500  $ 1,000,000 to $ 2,499,999
 $ 10,000  $ 2,500,000 and over

All fees include HST.  

Please make cheques payable to the PEI Minister of Finance.

How long will it take to process my application?

Processing your application can take from 60 days to 6 months.  An explanation of the steps involved in reviewing an environmental impact assessment is available here.

Additional Information

Environmental Impact Assessment Guidelines

PEI Environmental Protection Act

Service Location

Jones Building

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