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Environmental Records Review

What is an environmental records review?

An environmental records review shares property information related to:

  • incidents of property contamination (e.g., oil spills);
  • presence of underground petroleum storage tanks;
  • status of any environmental protection orders or environmental approvals/permits issued on a property; and
  • whether or not a property is entered on the Department's Contaminated Site Registry.

Why would I need an environmental records review?

People such as consultants, lawyers, and financial institution representatives often request environmental information in a property before it changes ownership.

What are the fees?

$54.29 is the fee for each principal and associated residential property.

$108.58 is the fee for each principal and associated commercial property.

HST is included in the fees.

Make cheques payable to the Minister of Finance.

How long does it take to complete an Environmental Records Review?

The department will provide a review within 15 business days of receiving your request.


Environmental Records Review, Application for

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