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Water and Wastewater Operator Certification

Certified operators are responsible for the operation and maintenance of central water and wastewater facilities.  These systems must be properly operated to ensure public safety (i.e., supply safe drinking water) and to protect the environment (i.e., ensure that only appropriately treated wastewater is released to the environment).  

An operator can become certified in four categories. These include:

  • Water Treatment
  • Water Distribution
  • Wastewater Collection
  • Wastewater Treatment

Each of these categories has four classification levels, as listed below.  As the classification levels increase, the knowledge and experience requirements also increase.

  • Class I
  • Class II
  • Class III
  • Class IV

To become certified in Prince Edward Island, an operator must meet the education and experience requirements defined by the Drinking Water and Wastewater Facility Operating regulations.  To obtain a certificate an operator must successfully complete an examination administered by the Department.  A minimum pass mark of 70% is required.  The fee to write an examination is $50.  The fee to renew an Operator Certificate is $20.  Renewal is required every four (4) years, and continuing education units (CEUs) are mandatory.

Operators of Very Small and Small Drinking Water Systems

Small Drinking Water Systems (SDWS) have from 21 to 150 connections. These systems require a certified SDWS operator.  You must take a short training couses to become a certified operator.  For information concerning this training course, please contact the Department.

Very Small Drinking Water Systems (VSDWS) have from 5 to 20 connections.  These systems may be operated by a SDWS operator or a licensed plumber.

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