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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can Environment staff recommend a pesticide that I can still buy and use, now that many of the products registered for home and garden use have been banned? 

    NO     Government staff are not able to provide recommendations regarding the purchase or use of a particular pesticide.  A licensed pest control officer, or sales staff working with a licensed pesticide vendor (seller), can provide help with the selection of a suitable product.
  2. Do farmers have to provide advance notice, to homeowners whose property adjoins the farmer’s field, when they plan to make a pesticide application?

    NO     Farmers do not have to provide advance notification of a pesticide application.  However, when asked to do so, most are happy to provide this information.   
  3. How close to my property line can my neighbour, or someone acting on his/her behalf, apply a pesticide?

    A pesticide can be legally applied to the edge of a property line.
  4. Are there pesticide-free ‘buffer zones’ around schools, parks, playgrounds, and sports fields in PEI?

    NO     There are no pesticide-free buffer zones around these areas.
  5. If I receive a written notice that a neighbour is having a pesticide applied to their property, can I legally STOP this application?
    NO     A property owner has a legal right to apply a pesticide to their property if they wish to do so.
  6. I have received a written notice that a neighbour is having a pesticide applied to his/her property, but the notice does not provide the specific address of the property.  Does the applicator have to provide this information to me?

    NO     Regulations under the PEI Pesticides Control Act require that advance written notification must be provided to individuals who live within 25 metres of an area that is to be treated with a pesticide.  The regulations do not require that the applicator provide the specific address of the property to be treated.
  7. When is the wind blowing too strongly to apply a liquid pesticide, or a pesticide under pressure?

    Regulations under the PEI Pesticides Control Act set a maximum wind speed of 20 km/hr.  However, even if the wind speed is below this level, it is the applicator’s responsibility to make sure that there is no drift of pesticide onto neighbouring properties.
  8. Can I safely store unused pesticide in my basement, garage, etc.?

    It’s best to buy only the amount of pesticide that you will need for one application or one season.  Unfortunately, this is not always possible.  It you must store a pesticide over the winter, keep it in its original container and place the container in a locked storage cabinet.  Always store pesticides out of reach of children.  Do not store pesticides in your home, or in a location (for example, a basement or attached garage) where pesticide vapours may seep into the living area.  Some pesticides will be damaged by freezing temperatures....check the product label for storage instructions.
  9. Do I need training to purchase or use a Domestic class pesticide?

    NO     Domestic class pesticides are designed for general public use around the home and garden. No specific training is required to buy or use these products.  Directions for the safe use of these products will be printed on the product label. Always read the label directions before using a pesticide.........and carefully follow them.
  10. Can I still buy and use corn gluten meal on my lawn?

    YES   Corn gluten meal products can be sold, purchased, and used on PEI.
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