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Streams, Ponds, Wetlands, and Estuaries

You can't go far in PEI without finding a freshwater stream.  More than 4,000 kilometres (2,500 miles) of streams wind their way across the province. Although many of our streams are known as rivers (e.g., Mill River, Hillsborough River, Dunk River and Morell River), none have freshwater portions large enough to warrant the name. They are really freshwater streams that become estuaries for a good part of their length.

Prince Edward Island has very few freshwater lakes; Glenfinnan Lake and O'Keefe's Lake in Queen's County are two. Over the years, people have often dammed streams to create ponds. Now, hundreds of these dot the landscape.

 are the shallow, marshy areas found on the edges of streams, bays and estuaries. They make up almost 5% of PEI.

Estuaries, which are found between freshwater and open salt water, are a mixture of both. This mix of fresh and saltwater is called brackish water.

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