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Homeowners may purchase and use a limited number of pesticides to manage weeds, insects, and plant diseases on their lawns and in their gardens.  

Pesticides for home use, or domestic class pesticides are packaged in small containers.  They are intended for one application or use in a single season.  Domestic class pesticides pose little risk to users or the environment, when label directions are followed.

Homeowners can also hire a professional lawn care or pest control company to apply pesticides on their property.  These companies are certified and licensed by the Department of Communities, Land and Environment.  Each one must demonstrate knowledge in the safe handling, application, transport, and storage of pesticides and in the proper use of personal protective equipment. 

Beginning in 2010, the Government of Prince Edward Island changed the way in which lawn-care pesticides are managed.  The sale and use of many (but not all) lawn-care pesticides was banned.  For more detailed information related to pesticides used on lawns and gardens, click on any of the links below: 

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