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Development and Change of Use Permit

When do I need a development (building) and change of use permit?

A permit is needed for any of the folllowing:

  • new structures, including buildings, mobile homes, and mini homes;
  • renovations, including new additions;
  • change of use of a building; or
  • change of location of a building or structure on a site.

Are there additional requirements if I am building a structure that will house livestock?

Yes.  You must also complete a commercial livestock operations project information form.

Who issues development and change of use permits?

To build in an area outside a municipality, contact Inspection Services at any of the service locations noted below to determine where you can make application for your permit.

To build in a municipality that has an official plan and bylaw, contact the municipality for a permit.

Where can I obtain an application for a development and change of use permit?

You can get an application at any Access PEI site.

Are there any special requirements?

You need to include with the application a site plan and building plan of your proposed project.

How long will it take to process my application?

It depends on the complexity of the application, but the time needed could be as little as two weeks.

What are the fees?

Refer to the schedule of fees.  HST is not required.  Make cheques payable to the Minister of Finance.

Can I appeal a permit?

If you wish to appeal a Development and Change of Use Permit, you may file an appeal with the Island Regulatory and Appeals Commission (IRAC) within 21 days following the date on which the permit was issued.  To determine whether you have a right of appeal, please carefully review Section 28 of the PEI Planning Act.

Additional Information


Development (Building), Application for
Commercial Livestock Operations, Project Information Form

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Access PEI Montague

Access PEI O'Leary


Access PEI Summerside


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