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Groundwater Exploration and Extraction Permit

What kinds of wells need a permit?

Any high-capacity well, commercial well, or well used as a central water supply system needs a Groundwater Extraction Permit. A high-capacity well supplies more than 50 imperial gallons per minute.  Before this permit can be issued, a Groundwater Exploration Permit is required to drill a test a well to determine if the desired volume and quality of water is available.  

What do I need to do to apply for a permit?

First, you need to fill out and submit an application form for a Groundwater Exploration Permit

Once a Groundwater Exploration Permit has been approved, additional tests and work, as outlined in the permit, must be completed and the results provided to the Department. Only then can a Groundwater Extraction Permit be issued.

What is the process for reviewing my application?

The Department of Communities, Land and Environment will assess the application for a Groundwater Exploration Permit. If the Department does not believe the well will have a major impact on other groundwater users or the environment, a permit will be issued. Once you obtain a Groundwater Exploration Permit, you will be asked to perform testing and assessments as identified by the Department.

If test information shows that the well will not have a major impact on other groundwater users or an unacceptable impact on the environment, you will be issued a Groundwater Extraction Permit.

How long will it take to get a permit?

Groundwater Exploration Permit:  Please allow 1 to 6 weeks to process your application.

Groundwater Extraction Permit:  After all required testing and assessment information has been provided to the department, please allow 1 to 10 weeks to process your application.

What is the fee?

There is no fee.

Service Location

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