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Approval to Construct and Operate Water and Wastewater Systems

Sections 13 and 16 of the Environmental Protection Act require that prior to the establishment of a water or a wastewater system a Certificate of Approval (COA) be obtained from the Department.  This is often a two part approval with the 1st part requiring conditions for the construction of the system(s) and the 2nd part specifying conditions for the operation of the system(s).

Prior to the construction of water and wastewater systems the owners are typically required to hire an Consulting Engineer licenced to practice in Prince Edward Island to complete and submit a design package to the Department.  The following is a list of items required to be submitted:

  • Official name of the developer and owner
  • Contact Information - mailing address and phone number of developer and owner
  • Official name of the municipality and utility if applicable
  • Name of Consulting Engineering Firm
  • Name of Design Engineer licenced to practice in PEI
  • Contact Information - mailing address of Consulting Engineering Firm
  • Stamped design drawing(s)
  • Design Summary/Brief
  • Estimate of project including construction, contingency and engineering

Provided that the design meets regulations, standards, guidelines and good engineering practices and all appropriate information have been submitted, a Certificate of Approval can be issued.  Upon completion of the project, the consulting engineering firm is required to submit Record Drawings and Letter of Compliance to the department.  The Letter of Compliance should include date of substantial completion, certificate number, and any other relevant information.

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