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Septic Contractor Licence

What does a Septic Contractor Licence allow me to do?

You need to have a Septic Contractor Licence to install or repair an on-site sewage disposal (septic) system.

What do I need to get a Septic Contractor Licence?

You must have a valid site assessors licence. You need to make application, pay the fee, and have passed an exam from the responsible authority. You also must have attended a seminar or workshop sponsored by the responsible authority.

If you have a similar licence issued by another province or territory, you may be able to get a Septic Contractor Licence for PEI if it is equivalent to the PEI regulatory requirements.

What are the fee?

$250 is the application fee for a Septic Contractor Licence. Licences are valid for two years.

$250 is the renewal fee for a Septic Contractor Licence.

HST is not required.

Make cheques payable to the Minister of Finance.

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Septic Contractor’s Licence, Application for

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