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Home Heat Tank Program

Home heat tank means an above ground petroleum storage tank that has a capacity of 2200 litres or less, is installed in a fixed location and is connected or intended to be connected to oil burning equipment.
Only a licenced installer can install, alter, or remove a home heat tank.

Regulation Amendments

Amendments were made in early 2012 to the Environmental Protection Act Home Heat Tanks Regulations.  

The more significant changes include:

  • All new or replacement tank installations outside must be non-metallic;
  • All new or replacement tank installations inside must be double-walled or non-metallic;
  • Oil burning equipment now includes water heaters, ranges and stoves;
  • Identification tags that are stamped with an expiry year will now expire June 30 of that year;
  • The re-sale and/or re-use of a used tank requires prior departmental approval.

If you have any questions, comments or queries about anything you have read, please feel free to contact the Chief Boiler Inspector Department of Communities, Land and Environment, Inspection Services Branch,  at (902) 368-5280.

Contact: Steven Townsend Chief Officer Boiler, Pressure Vessel, LP Gas, Plumbing, and Home Heat Tank

Environmental Protection Act Home Heat Tank Regulations

Home Heat Tank Systems Technical Standards Handbook   Updated

Requirements for a Home Heat Tank Installer’s Licence

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Environmental Emergency Contact

Emergency Contact Information  Coast Guard -1-800-565-1633

Department of Communities, Land and Environment
Inspection Services
J. Elmer Blanchard Building
31 Gordon Drive
PO Box 2000
Charlottetown PEC1A 7N8

Phone:(902) 368-5280
Fax:  (902)  368-5526
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