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Projects Under Environmental Review (Undertakings)

The Environmental Protection Act defines an undertaking as including any construction, industry, operation or other project or any alteration or modification to an existing undertaking which will or may: 

  1. cause the emission or discharge of any contaminant into the environment;
  2. have an effect on any unique, rare, or endangered feature of the environment;
  3. have a significant effect on the environment or necessitate further development which is likely to have a significant effect on the environment; or
  4. cause public concern because of its real or perceived effect or potential effect on the environment.

Every undertaking on PEI must be approved by the Department of Communities, Land and Environment prior to construction or operation of the undertaking.

In addition to undertakings, the Department also reviews projects that do not meet the definition of an undertaking under the Environmental Protection Act. These projects, “referrals”, are screened out of the requirements of an undertaking. A referral project is still reviewed by the Environmental Land Management Section, however it is typically subject to review by a smaller interdepartmental Technical Review Committee. When a project is screened out, it is still subject to all other statutory and regulatory requirements, as well as any commitments the proponent has made regarding specific environmental protection measures.

Projects Approved or Under Review in 2017 (Undertakings and Referrals*)

Project Proponent Name

Submission Date


Waste Resource Management Facility
Myers Industries Inc. December 13, 2016 Pending
Cornwall Perimeter Highway
PEI Department of Transportation, Infrastructure and Energy October 24, 2016 Pending
Substation and Transmission Line Project
Maritime Electric Company Limited October 5, 2016 Approved Jan. 27, 2017

 * As of April 2016, referral projects are also being listed in the Projects Approved or Under Review table above.

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