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State of the Environment

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The quality of our Island environment is a primary factor which affects the life of all Islanders. In addition, the quality and sustainability of these resources is critical to agriculture, aquaculture, tourism, forestry, fisheries and community prosperity. Our Island is 90 per cent privately owned and it is the cumulative stewardship choices of all users of these resources and all government levels to make informed choices to protect our environment. To do this, access to trend information on various indicators of environmental health is essential.

As part of this ongoing monitoring process, the first State of the Environment report for Prince Edward Island was released in 2003. The 2010 State of the Environment provides new and updated data on most of these indicators.

The complete State of the Environment report and the summary document is available online here or from the Government of Prince Edward Island Publications Centre. For copies of either publication, please contact Island Information Service.

Please email us your comments on the 2010 State of the Environment Report. We want to hear from you.


2010 State of the Environment Highlights [French version]

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