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Aquaculture Technology Program

The purpose of the Aquaculture Technology Program is to provide an incentive for private aquaculture operations to develop or adopt new techniques or technologies in order to expand production, reduce production costs or otherwise increase earnings through more efficient production, to assess new approved species or to improve the environmental acceptability of aquaculture.


  • Any individual or legally incorporated company involved in aquaculture in Prince Edward Island and holding the necessary permits, licenses and leases may apply.
  • Organizations and institutions recognized in the Prince Edward Island aquaculture industry may also apply.

Assistance Provided

The Department of Fisheries, Aquaculture & Rural Development may provide a financial incentive of 60% of eligible expenditures to a maximum assistance of $10,000 for project proposals fulfilling the purpose of the Program. Eligible expenditures may include equipment and modifications, materials and supplies, seedstocks, design and engineering costs, and site preparations. Not eligible are real estate, vehicles, salaries and wages. A contribution in kind not exceeding 10% of the project cost may be eligible provided documentation is sufficient. An applicant will normally be limited to one approved application per fiscal year.

Applications will be processed subject to the availability of funds and in the order of submission.


  1. The proposed project must offer a new or innovative approach to current aquaculture production techniques, equipment or culture stocks.
  2. The applicant will be required to be in possession of a valid shellfish lease or Fish Farm Permit issued by the Department of Fisheries and Oceans. Other authorizations may be required depending upon the nature of the proposed project.
  3. The proposal must show sufficient technical, operational, and biological detail to allow satisfactory assessment by the Minister of Fisheries, Aquaculture & Rural Development.
  4. The proposal must clearly show that the new technology will benefit the aquaculture industry in improved efficiency, expanded production, increased earnings or improved environmental acceptability.
  5. The applicant must agree to allow access to the operation by the Minister or his representative for the purpose of monitoring the progress of the project.
  6. The proposal must be submitted in accordance with a prescribed application form complete with any required supporting documentation.
  7. In the event that a proposal received funding from other public sources, the funding from this Program will be reduced such that the combination of all such funding sources will not exceed 75%.
  8. If the proposal meets the satisfaction of the Minister, a letter of approval will be forwarded to the applicant.
  9. A Contract will be forwarded with the approval letter outlining terms and conditions of the assistance offer. The Contract may outline a holdback of a portion of total funding until the applicant submits a project report or participates in a demonstration of the technology to others in the aquaculture industry.
  10. The project must be carried out prior to March 31 of the fiscal year of the application. The applicant must submit paid original invoices verified by cancelled cheques or other suitable documentation. Taxes paid on items assisted under this Program are not eligible for assistance.
  11. In any matter of difference between the Minister and the applicant through the life of the project, the Minister's decision will be final.
  12. The Program expires March 31, 2014 and no claims for funding will be accepted with expenditures incurred after that date.



Aquaculture Technology Program Application
Aquaculture Technology Program - Guidelines

General Contact Information

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Aaron Ramsay
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