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Our Mission

The mission of the Aquaculture Division is to provide quality advice, assistance and information to the aquaculture and estuarial shellfish fisheries with the goal to support the development of the industries in a sustainable manner.


Description of the development of the aquaculture industry on PEI.


Information on the cultured fish species in PEI, including the blue mussel, American oyster and finfish species.

*Photo credit to James Ingram, Tourism PEI

Quick Facts:

  • The mussel industry has grown from 100,000 pounds in 1980 to over 50 million pounds in 2012 and represents 17 per cent of the total landed value of all species on the Island.
  • More than 1,000 fishers and aquaculturists are involved in the oyster fishery (the total oyster fishery consists of both raising oysters on leased grounds and fishing oysters from public fishing grounds).
  • The finfish aquaculture sector has six freshwater based farms involved in hatchery and grow-out operations. These serve as an important source of disease free hatchery products that are use in marine sites, in other provinces.
  • Over the past number of years, numerous species have been evaluated and identified by the aquaculture industry, as a potential aquaculture species for PEI. These include sea scallops, bay scallops, quahaugs, soft shell clams, bar clams, Arctic charr, halibut and striped bass.

Role of the Aquaculture Division:

  • acts as an advocate for the Prince Edward Island aquaculture industry and participates on a variety of committees with the federal government and industry associations.
  • responsible for providing high quality advice, assistance and information to the Island's growing aquaculture industry.
  • delivers technical and biological services to the shellfish and finfish sectors.
  • delivers financial programs that compliment technical services and assist in the development of aquaculture.


Mussel Monitoring Program and Results

Aquaculture Division Forms

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