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A to Z Index of Programs and Services

top    A
Affidavit of Purchaser
Authorization to Send Assessment Notice and Property Charges to Other Party
top    B
BizPal Program
Bona Fide Farmer Status Program
top    C
Community Accounts
Contractor's Return for Remitting Revenue Tax (PST)
top    D
Declaration of Income for Tax Exemption Permit Applications
Declaration of Revenue Tax (PST) Collected from Liquor Sales
top    E
Environment Tax Payments
top    F
Family Transfer of Used Vehicles - Sworn/Affirmed Statement
Farm Building Assessment
Farm Use Assessment
Financial Corporation Capital Tax - Annual and Monthly Returns
Fuel Tax Exemption
top    G
Gasoline Tax Refund
Gasoline Tax Self-declaration
GeoLinc Plus
Grants-in-Lieu of Property Taxes
top    H
Historical Tobacco Tax Rates
top    I
Inspection and Reappraisal Of Property
International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA)
top    L
Land Parcel Information
top    M
MAPCO - Municipal Assessment and Property Charges Online
Making Revenue Tax (PST) and Environment Tax Payments
top    P
PST/Environment Tax Payments
Property Tax Refund
Provincial Property Tax Programs - Request for Additional Information
Provincial Tax Credit
Public Accounts
top    Q
Questionnaire/Verification on Income Producing Properties
top    R
Real Property Transfer Tax - First-time Home Buyers Exemption
Real Property Transfer Tax - Inter-Family Transfer Exemption
Real Property Transfer Tax - Low Cost Exemption
Real Property Transfer Tax - Request for Refund
Refunds - Retail Sales Tax (RST)
Register to Collect Environment Tax
Register to Collect PST/Environment Tax
Registered Wholesale Vendors' Tobacco Return
Registry of Deeds
Request for Change of Assessed Owner's Name and Address
Request for Payment of Outstanding Sewer and Water Charges from Proceeds of a Property Tax Sale
Request for Refund of Tobacco Tax
Revenue Tax (PST) - Exempt Sales
Revenue Tax (PST) Audits
Revenue Tax (PST) Exemption Permits
Revenue Tax (PST) Objection and Appeals
Revenue Tax (PST) Refund
top    S
Self Declare PST on Taxable Goods
Seniors Property Tax Deferral Program
Supplementary Return for Motor Vehicle Dealers
top    T
Tax Filing and Payment Options
Tobacco Manufacturer's Wholesale Vendors License and Retail Vendor's License

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