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First Hand

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2. The Sojourners

Mary Allison Doull (1866-1953), Alma Buote (1894-1966), Helen Marguerite Haszard (1890-1970), and Georgie Read Barton (1902-1995) were all born into families that valued ideas and education, regardless of gender. Early exposure to art lessons led to more formal training, and all four became competent, self-supporting artists and teachers. Although the marketplace dictated to a great extent their creative output (none could be classed as avant-garde or cutting edge), they were aware of new movements and throughout their long, productive years, individual styles emerged.

The new ideas in art rippled through many teachers before reaching the shores of Prince Edward Island. But reach them they did, through the teaching of Doull, Buote, Haszard, and Barton. These four sojourners journeyed to many places but always came home to the Island.

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