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First Hand

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5. Acknowledgements

We would like to thank for their help:

Marilyn Thomsen and Boyde Beck, Prince Edward Island Artifactory
Mary Burnett, Charlottetown
Sharon O'Brien, Mi'kmaq Family Resource Center
Christine Bernard, Lennox Island
Tiffany Sark, Lennox Island
Louise Comeau and Stella Gallant, "Les Créations Louise Comeau," Wellington
Cécile Gallant and Dominic Langlois, Le Musée Acadien/The Acadian Museum, Miscouche
William Lewis Meggison and Jean Meggison, Knutsford
Carol Boyles and Catherine Miller, Charlottetown
Shirley Moase, Charlottetown
The Prince Edward Island Women's Institute
Jane Crutchfield, Belchertown, Massachusetts
Pat Paradis-McCool, Belchertown, Massachusetts
Sherri Davidson, who so generously allowed us to use her unpublished manuscript
George Campbell, for the use of the L. M. Montgomery quilt
The Prince Edward Island Public Archives
Barbara MacCormac and Chandra Gordon, Garden of the Gulf Museum, Montague
The Fifty+ Club, Montague
Beverly Roach and the Eastern Graphic
Kathleen Bissett, Waterloo, Ontario
Brian Simpson, provincial photographer
Kay Maclean, PEI Library, Murray Harbour
Sasha Mullally and Jane Ledwell


We thank the following people for the use of their photographs:

Mary Burnett
Beverly Roach and the Eastern Graphic
Cécile Gallant and Le Musée Acadien/The Acadian Museum, Miscouche
Louise Comeau of "Les Créations Louise Comeau"
Jane Crutchfield and Pat Paradis-McCool of Belchertown, Massachusetts
Women's Institute of PEI, for permission to photograph their quilted banner
William Lewis Meggison and Jean Meggison
Barbara MacCormac and Chandra Gordon for permission to photograph the quilt-in-a-quilt in the Garden of the Gulf Museum, Montague, PEI
Carol Boyles
Shirley Moase
Edie Zakem


Basic Quiltmaking

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Quilter's Newsletter Magazine. Golden, CO: Primedia, Inc.
A magazine found on newsstands; the most popular quilting magazine. It combines news, technical information, quilt history, and many photos of beautiful quilts.

General Quilt History

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The 1992 and 1994 proceedings of the Canadian Quilt Study Group.

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An excellent quilt history for Canada.

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Predominantly Ontario quilt history.

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Many parts the same as Quilts and OtherBed Coverings in the Canadian Tradition.

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Excellent quilt history of a Maritime province.

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Prince Edward Island

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Other References

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Quilt History Books Available in the PEI Library System

Berenson, Kathryn. Quilts of Provence: The Art and Craft of French Quiltmaking. H. Holt, 1996.
French quilt history.

Colby, Averil. Patchwork. Batsford,1958.
A must-read classic of English quilt history.

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One of the first works linking quilt history with women's history--their involvement in the abolition, temperance, and suffrage movements. An extensive bibliography.

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An excellent study of quilts with optical effects. Good history and photos. Useful bibliography.

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An excellent summary of early information including quilting in the literature of the 1800s, including patterns and plates of early quilts. Some misinformation.

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The classic by the man who, with Gail van der Hoof, is responsible for the recognition of quilts as an art form. They organized the first major museum exhibition of American Quilts as a design tradition at the Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, in 1971.

---, and John Finley. Kentucky Quilts 1800-1900: The Kentucky Quilt Project. Louisville, KY: Kentucky Quilt Project, 1982.
This is the first quilt documentation project.

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Historic quilts in historic houses. Some patterns and how-to.

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43 fibre artists in Australia interviewed with their works commissioned for the touring "Suitcase Exhibitions." Vision and colour use different from North American quilters.

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A collage of quilts and diary entries.

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The struggle of a co-operative of West Virginia quilters to build a profitable business in the 1970s. Also includes patterns.

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An excellent reference for quilt history, women's history, and fabric study. A classic.

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A collection of interviews with 30 artists regarding their work in the early 1980s. Includes many superstars such as Nancy Crow, Michael James, Fraas/Slade, and Nancy Halpern.

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Exhibition catalogue of Quilt National '91, the seventh in a series of biennial international competitions held by Dairy Barn Southeastern Ohio Cultural Arts Center.

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A guide to pattern identification: when documenting a quilt, the pattern name is determined, if at all possible.

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Quilters and visual artists join forces to produce a contemporary quilt exhibit.

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Exhibition catalogue for the 1987 Quilt National.

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A visual feast of historical and contemporary quilts. Good quilt history.

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The works of a Japanese quilt artist.

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A reprint of Webster's groundbreaking work. A must-read classic. Some misinformation.

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Quilt history, contemporary interviews, plus how-to information. Lovely photos.

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An excellent history of 20th-century quilting in America.

Computer Software for Quilters

The Electric Quilt 4.0 Quilt Design Software for Windows 95/98. Upgrade available.
Contains the software to design your own blocks and quilts, with an extensive block library. Companion Manuals for Electric Quilt include EQ Simplified and, most recently, EQ4 Magic: An Expert Shares her Secrets, by Barb Vlack.

Software with interesting applications visualizing symmetries for tiling and tessellations is: KaleidoMania! by Kevin D. Lee. Emeryville, CA: Key Curriculum Press [], 1999.

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