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Welcome to the Prince Edward Island Department of Health and Wellness

Food Premises Inspection Report Disclosure Website

Environmental Health Officers (also known as Public Health Inspectors) perform inspections at over 1350 food premises every year. Food premises subject to inspection include restaurants, licensed premises, bakeries, grocery stores, take-outs, markets and special events. During each visit, an Environmental Health Officer (EHO) performs a detailed foodservice inspection to determine if the food premise meets the minimum standards set out in the Public Health Act Food Premises Regulations. Following the inspection, the operator is provided with an inspection report which confirms they are in compliance with the regulations or requires them to take corrective action on items not meeting the minimum standards.

The inspection report disclosure website has been designed to convey relevant inspection result information to the general public. Information found on this site will indicate whether the food premise is in compliance or will identify inspection items which were not in compliance with the regulations. All other items can be assumed to meet the minimum standards. Food premises that are fully compliant will have a standard statement to reflect their status. The website will be updated with new inspection reports within approximately one week of the date of inspection.

The reports located on this site are for inspections completed beginning on Nov 1st, 2014. As inspection reports are added each food premise will eventually have up to three years of inspection reports available to a maximum of fifteen reports.

Visitors to this site are cautioned against interpreting the status of a particular food premise based on only one inspection. Visitors are encouraged to browse the history of the food premise before arriving at any conclusions.

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