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Food Premise Inspections

Inspection Date
Establishment Name Address
A&T Mobile Kitchen27 Thorndale Drive Charlottetown
A&T Mobile Kitchen
A&W Restaurant650 University Avenue Charlottetown
A&W Restaurant/Summerside451 Granville Street Summerside
Abby's Catering160 Barbour Circle Charlottetown
Abby's Catering Diversity Festival Charlottetown
Abby's Catering - Charlottetown Farmers Market
Abby's Catering/Charlottetown Farmer's Market Charlottetown Farmers Market Charlottetown
Active Nutrition and Supplements330 University Avenue, Unit #3 Charlottetown
Adrenaline Athletic Club South Drive Summerside
Afton Community Centre1552 Route 19 New Dominion
Agriculture & Argi-food Canada Research Ctr1200 Brackley Point Road Harrington
Aing's Tea House224 Grafton Street Charlottetown
Aing's Tea House Charlottetown Farmers Market
Alabama's Freshly Squeezed Lemonade Confederation Landing Charlottetown
Albany Community Centre1919 Route 115 Albany Mount Tryon
Albert & Crown Pub & Eatery 2017480 Main Street Alberton
Alberton - Elmsdale United Church396 Church Street Alberton
Alberton Bakery & Cafe Ltd.451 Main Street Alberton
Alberton Baptist Church327 Church Street Alberton
Alberton Elementary School354 Church Street Alberton
Alberton Silver Blades Figure Skating Club353 Church Street Alberton
Alberton Your Independent Grocer #660499 Main Street Alberton
Aleisha's Sweet Treats353 Church Street Alberton
Alexandras Pizza157 Kent Charlottetown
All About Golf Confederation Court Mall Charlottetown
All Saints Parish4279 Chapel Road Cardigan
Alta's Pretty Pretzel
Amherst Cove Consolidated School300 Carleton Street Borden-Carleton
Anchor Motel and Suites1963 Route 1A Bedeque
Andersons Creek Golf Club68 North Road Stanley Bridge
Andrews of Charlottetown73 Malpeque Road West Royalty
Andrews of Parkhill216 Schurman Avenue Summerside
Andrews of Parkhill 2216 Schurman Avenue Summerside
Andrews of Stratford355 Shakespear Drive Stratford
Andrews of Summerside317 Pope Road Summerside
Ang & Mo's Soup & Sandwich Shoppe5599 St. Peters Bay St. Peters
Angelika's German Bakery19893 Highway 2 Hunter River
Angelika's German Pastries
Angelika's German Pastries
Angelika's German Pastry
Angelika's German Pastry Shop/Charlottetown Farmers Market Charlottetown Farmers Market Charlottetown
Angelika's Pastries
Anglican Parish of St. Mary's & St. John's Summerside74 Summer Street Summerside
Ann's Bread95 Leandrea Lane New Perth
Ann's Jams127 Walthen Drive Charlottetown
Ann's Jams
Anna's Tea Room98 MacPhail Park Road Orwell
Apple Annie's #1
Apple Annie's #2
APM Centre37 Lowther Drive Cornwall
Argyle Shore Community Centre7654 Route 19 Bonshaw
Arlington Orchards1158 Route 167 Arlington
Asian Sensation / Farmers Market Summerside Farmers Market Summerside
Asian Sensations
At Your Service Creations27 Trafalgar Street Charlottetown
At Your Service Creations
Athena Consolidated School 71008150 Ryan Avenue Summerside
Atlantic Canada International Airshow30A Aerospace Blvd Slemon Park
Atlantic Superstore #314/Summerside535 Granville Street Summerside
Atlantic Superstore #376/Charlottetown465 University Avenue Charlottetown
Atlantic Superstore #386/West Royalty680 University Avenue Charlottetown
Atlantic Superstore #388/Montague509 Main Street Montague
Autumn Collection578 Collins Road New Perth
Autumn Collection
Avondale Golf Course586 Avondale Road Avondale