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Forests, Fish and Wildlife

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Natural Areas Protection Act

Natural Areas Protection Act


Prince Edward Island's Natural Areas Protection Act (NAPA) allows legal protection for ecologically significant sites. These sites may include sand dunes, marshes, rivers, ponds, bogs, forests, offshore islands, cliffs or marine areas. Some properties are publicly-owned or held for the people of Prince Edward Island by the non-governmental Island Nature Trust. Others are privately held by landowners who understand the biological importance of their lands and voluntarily agreed to protection.

Bonshaw Hardwood

Natural areas owned by the province or by the Island Nature Trust  are open for compatible uses such as hiking, fishing, hunting, trapping, bird-watching and nature exploration and education.

Designation of NAPA Properties

Learn more about properties which are currently under consideration for designation under NAPA visit: Proposed NAPA Designations.

De-designation of NAPA Properties:

Occasionally, properties or portions of properties are proposed for de-designated as Natural Areas. The reasons for de-designation can include the natural loss of the features originally designated for protection or where it is deemed that de-disgnatination is necessary for a greater public good or need. For more information visit: Proposed NAPA De-designation.

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