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Forests, Fish and Wildlife

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Recreational Fishing

Fishing season starts on April 15th each year on PEI. Prince Edward Island has some of the best recreational fishing in some of the most beautiful natural areas you will find anywhere.  The principal sport fish, brook trout (Salvelinus fontinalis), is found in virtually every stream, large or small. prized by anglers, they also spend time in salt water and are known as sea trout that can reach sizes up to three kg (7 lb) or more.

Remnant runs of Atlantic salmon remain in about 27 rivers, but angling for salmon primarily takes place in the Mill, Dunk, West and Morell Rivers. Rainbow trout, an introduced species, are present in at least 21 systems and white perch can also be found in a number of rivers. Fish of commercial interest which spend a portion of their life cycle in freshwater include eels, alewife, blue-back herring and smelts.

2016  Licenses and fees

  • Children under 16 of age do not require an angling licence.
  • Resident/Non-Resident Angling Licenses are available for $10.00/yr.
  • Courtesy Licences are issued free-of-charge to those 16 to 18 and 60 years of age and over.
  • Family Five Day Fishing Licences are available for $5.00. This licence allows the spouse and dependants to fish for a period of five consecutive days and is available after May 1st each year.

Wildlife Conservation Fund Fee:

  • All licensed anglers are also required to be in possession of a valid Wildlife Conservation Fund Licence.
  • Youth under the age of 16 are exempt from this licensing requirement.
  • Anglers from ages 16 to 59 must pay the Wildlife Conservation Fund fee of $20.00/yr. Once it has been paid it can be applied to your annual hunting and/or trapping license.
  • For seniors 65 years of age and over, the Wildlife Conservation Fund is $13.00/yr
  • For the Family Five-day Fishing Licence, the Wildlife Conservation Fund fee is $5.00

You can Buy your licence online or from any of these local retail outlets across PEI. 

Angling Resources

The annual Angling Summary contains information on licence requirements, updated angling restrictions, daily catch limits, and other information for residents and visitors who want to enjoy the angling experience on PEI.

Angling Places:

You can find angling places with public access at: Places to Fish on PEI.

Angling Policy

In 2008, public consultations were held into the development of a recreational fisheries policy for Prince Edward Island.  The committee's report is available at Fostering a Quality & Sustainable Angling Experience on PEI.

Family Fishing Experiences

Going fishing is a great way to get some exercise, enjoy the outdoors and connect with friends and family.

Free family fishing takes place over the Victoria Day weekend in May. During this period, Island residents may fish without an angling or conservation fund licence in streams, rivers and ponds across the province. However, while these licenses are not required, people must still meet all angling regulations including all bag limits.

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