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Forest Fire Weather Index

Burning permits are not required for small campfires used for cooking or necessary warmth provided they are built in properly constructed campfire sites and the person starting the fire has the permission of the landowner. In all cases, proper precautions must be taken to ensure the fire does not escape. This includes having readily available water and fire fighting tools close to the campfire site and having a responsible person present who is capable of fighting fire and completely extinguishing the campfire. Such campfires are allowed unless there is a fire ban which would be clearly stated at the top of this page.

Burning permits are required and bonfires are only allowed when the conditions meet the provisions of the permit.


The latest forest fire weather rating for Prince Edward Island
was issued 17165 hour(s) ago.

Northeastern PEI
Nov 07 2017 12:00AM


Central-Southeastern PEI Nov 07 2017 12:00AM


Western PEI
Nov 07 2017 12:00AM


Fire District Map

Consult the Weather Forecast

Wind speeds play a very important role in grass and forest fire spread rates and can cause fires to jump beyond the main fire area or to spread to tree tops. Please consult weather forecast to ensure you stay within wind speed limitations set in burning permits.

Forest Fire Report Number

If the fire escapes, report immediately to: 911

Burning Permit Required

Frequently Asked Questions about burning permits for open burning 

On Prince Edward Island, you require a valid burning permit for any open fire within 200 metres of burnable vegetation during the March 15th to December 1st period. Consult your burning permit to check on the fire weather index and wind speed conditions it states. It is an offense to burn without a valid permit or to fail to advise your local fire department before you start the fire. Fines for burning without valid permit are between $200 and $1000 and you are assessed the cost of extinguishing the fire. In addition, those who cause escape fires are liable in court for damage caused to neighbouring properties.

For more information

For more information about the fire weather rating and other Prince Edward Island forestry issues, contact the Forests, Fish and Wildlife of the Department of Agriculture and Forestry.

For additional weather information, consult our Current Weather page.

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