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Forests, Fish and Wildlife

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Forest Nursery

The J. Frank Gaudet Tree Nursery offers landscape and ornamental plant management advice to land owners and communities, and provides ornamental and native plant materials to Island garden centres.

Seedlings produced at the nursery are used for reforestation projects on private and public forest land, watershed enhancement projects, Christmas tree businesses. landscaping projects, shelterbelt establishment and wildlife management operations.


Does the nursery grow a wide range of  species?

The nursery's primary focus is Acadian Forest tree and shrub species. Conifers include red and white pine, red, white and black spruce, eastern larch, balsam fir, eastern hemlock and eastern white cedar. Deciduous species include white and yellow birch, red and sugar maple, white ash and red oak.

The recent interest in conserving and enhancing forest biodiversity and developing new non-timber forest products, has led the nursery to increase the production of several native shrub species. Land owners and conservation groups can now access American mountain ash, serviceberry, aronia, highbush cranberry, red osier dogwood, common elder, red berried elder, mountain holly, winter berry,native spirea, wild rose, wild raisin, red twig willow, yellow twig willow,and pussy willow.

Exotic species such as Austrian Pine, Norway Spruce, Colorado Blue Spruce, Japanese Larch are produced for specialty uses.

Annual seedling production numbers depend upon factors such as demand, seed availability and seed viability.

Staff also provide advice on insects and disease problems of common ornamental and native tree and shrub species.

Where can I Purchasing Plant Materials?

The Nursery does not retail plant materials directly to the public but does supply plant stock, seedlings and shrubs to participating garden centres across the Island. These outlets retail plant materials to the public and ornamental landscape operations. Download the 2015 list of suppliers [PDF file]

Common Landscaping Tree Species:
The Acadian Forest Trees section includes information on species identification, common insect and disease problems, and care and maintenance of many native Acadian Forest trees.

Common Landscaping Shrub Species:
The Acadian Forest Shrubs section includes information on shrub species identification, common insect and disease problems, and tip on their care and maintenance.

Invasive Plants and Insects and Tree Diseases:
The Invasive Plants, Insects and Tree Diseases section contains information on problem or invasive plant species, non-native insects and introduced tree diseases.

Other Services:
The department also offers a variety of tree and shrub planting programs for forest owners,
home owners, schools, communities and community groups. Information on insects and diseases
is now offered through our Facebook page: Tree insects and diseases: PEI   

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