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Hedgerow and Buffer Zone Planting Program

Hedgerow & Buffer Zone Planting Program

Hedgerows are an essential part of Prince Edward Island's landscape and provide many environmental benefits to land owners and Island society. However, in order to do their job, hedgerows should be efficiently designed, properly planted and well maintained.

The Department of Communities, Land and Environment has developed a program which provides assistance to landowners who want to establish hedgerows and buffers for soil conservation, stream bank stabilization, and windbreaks for buildings and livestock. The program is open to both farmers and other land owners.

To learn more about successful hedgerow establishment and the benefits of hedgerows, visit the Canadian Pork Council web site and follow the links to Documentation.

Program Criteria:

- Minimum of a one hectare (2.5 acres) land holding and 300 minimum plants required.
- Land owners must agree to maintain the trees and shrubs planted under this program for a minimum
   of 15 years.
- The Hedgerow Planting Program project must be completed according to an approved standard. A
   representative from the Department will visit the site prior to the start of the project to inspect the site and review options with the landowner.
- Double-row hedgerows are preferred and recommended. However, single row hedgerows will also be

Funding Levels:

   1. The Province is responsible for supplying and planting the seedlings.
   2. The Land Owner is responsible for getting the site ready for planting. In some cases, sites with low grasses can be planted without the need for site preparation.
   3. The Landowner agrees to pay $1.00/seedling planted (effective April 11, 2016).

Fill Planting:

Within the first twelve months, if not due to negligence of the land owner, and where the survival rate is:

   1. Less than 70%, plant replacement costs including, site preparation, and planting, will be the
       responsibility of the Department of Communities, Land and Environment.
   2. Greater than 70% but less than 90%, the Department of Environment, Energy and Forestry will
       supply replacement plants at no cost, but the landowner is responsible for the replanting.
   3. Greater than 90%, replacements will not be provided.

  The Hedgerow Planting Program is coordinated by the Forests, Fish and Wildlife.

To Apply:

To apply for the program, complete and submit the Hedgerow & Buffer Zone Planting Program Application Form and submit the completed form to:

Hedgerow/Buffer Zone Planting Program
J. Frank Gaudet Tree Nursery
Dept. of Communities, Land and Environment
Att: Scott MacDonald 
Box 2000
Charlottetown, PEI C1A 7N8

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