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Forests, Fish and Wildlife

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Freshwater Fish of PEI

Prince Edward Island has a limited number of freshwater fish species.

The principal sport fish, brook trout, are found in virtually every stream, large or small. Brook trout which spend time in saltwater are the most prized by anglers. These are also known as sea trout and can reach sizes up to 3kg (7lb) or more.

Remnant runs of Atlantic salmon remain in approximately 27 rivers, but angling for salmon primarily takes place in the Mill, Dunk, West and Morell Rivers. Rainbow trout, an introduced species, are present in at least 21 systems and white perch can also be found in a number of rivers.

Fish of commercial interest which spend a portion of their life cycle in freshwater include American eels, alewife, blue-back herring and smelts.

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