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Forests, Fish and Wildlife

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Exotic wildlife

Exotic Wildlife

For one reason or another, many people like to keep animals that are foreign to Prince Edward Island as pets. These animals are known collectively as Exotic Wildlife and they may include reptiles, fish, birds, mammals, etc and may come from Asia, Europe, South America and other places.

In some cases, these animals are native to tropical climates and thus unable to survive outside during a typical Island year. However, others are adapted to a wide range conditions and climates and may, if they escape or are released, establish wild populations in forests, fields, and towns across P.E.I. Once released, they can quickly become nuisance species by preying upon and/or displacing native species, spreading diseases, or impacting different sectors of the Island's economy and environment.  

Other animals present serious problems to human health and safety. For instance, pet tigers and bears have been known to seriously injure or kill people. In other cases, poisonous snakes and reptiles have bitten the owner or escaped to other places in apartment buildings and houses.

Exotic animals kept as pets on P.E.I. must be registered with the Forests, Fish and Wildlife Division of the Department of Communities, Land and Environment. This applies to everyone who sells, imports and/or keeps exotic wildlife. As well, exotic wildlife may not be released into the wild and if an animal escapes, it is the responsibility of the owner to recapture the animal and/or cover all of the costs associated with that recapture. The Forests, Fish and Wildlife division also provides a list of Prohibited Wildlife species to people interesterd in exotic wildlife.

For more information or to register your exotic pet, contact the Forests, Fish and Wildlife Division at (902) 368 5275.
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