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Burning Permit - Common Questions

Are burning permits required for open burning on Prince Edward Island?
Yes, you require a burning permit - one of three types depending on the material to be burned. If the proposed burning location lies with a city or town boundary, contact the applicable city or town to determine whether you are allowed to have any kind of open fire.

Are burning permits required for campfires?
If the landowner allows them, small campfires built in properly constructed sites and used for cooking and warmth are allowed without a permit. In all cases, proper precautions must be taken to ensure the fire does not escape. This includes having readily available water and fire fighting tools close to the campfire site and having a responsible person present who is capable of fighting fire. Note: when conditions are dry, add dish soap to the water to improve its effectiveness for fire suppression and extinguishing the coals and embers.

Do I require a permit to burn grass or brush?
Yes, if you are within 200 metres of burnable vegetation including hedgerows, woods, grassland, dry cereal crops (e.g. grains), and marshes, you require a burning permit between March 15th and December 1st each year.

Is there a charge for these burning permits?
Not at this time, but you must obtain and sign the permit at a District Forestry Office.

What happens if I burn without a permit?
You could be liable on conviction of a fine between $200 and $1,000 plus the victims of crime surcharge as well as fire suppression costs and any court or other costs. If the offense occurred during a fire ban (fire closure period), the fines increase to $500 to $2,000 plus the victims of crime surcharge as well as fire suppression costs and any court or other costs.

If the fire escapes, am I liable?
Yes, you are liable for the suppression costs plus you are liable to your neighbours for damages.

Are there things I can do to help contain the fire?
Read Controlling the Burn and make sure to:

  • check the weather forecast to ensure the winds and Fire Weather Index are within the conditions prescribed on the permit and that you have notified the local fire department at the number specified in the permit;
  • take extra precautions around any buildings or escape areas;
  • have sufficient people, hand tools, and water to control the fire or to extinguish it should conditions change to be outside those specified in the burning permit; and
  • carry a cell phone that provides coverage for the burn site or have immediate access to a telephone.

If the fire escapes, what should I do?
Phone 911 immediately or dispatch someone to phone the forest fire emergency number at 911 and report the location of the fire and the type of fire.

Do I require a permit to burn an old building or parts of an old building?
Yes, you require a special permit from the Fire Marshal's Office.

Do I require a permit to burn household waste or hazardous waste?
Burning household waste or hazardous waste is prohibited by the PEI Air Quality Regulations. Household waste can be sorted and disposed of using the waste watch system of Island Waste Management. Learn more at Open Burning or contact the Climate Change and Air Quality Division, Department of Communities, Land and Environment at (902) 368-5024.

Regional Contacts:

(902) 854-7260 - Wellington

(902) 961-7296 - Southhampton

After Hours and Weekends

902-368-4800 - Recorded Fire Weather Index message

During the fire season the Fire Weather Index is available 7 days a week at the website below.

Website: :    Fire Weather Index Website

General Contact Information

(902) 368-4700

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