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Forests, Fish and Wildlife

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Species at Risk

The Prince Edward Island Wildlife Conservation Act includes provisions for the protection of species at risk and their habitats. Species at risk include plants, animals or other organisms that are considered to be endangered, threatened or of special concern because of sensitivity to human activities or natural events.

In PEI, a Species at Risk Advisory Committee exists to advise the Minister of Environment, Justice and Labour on which species should be listed at risk, based on biological and scientific information; assess the Island’s wildlife resources, particularly endangered or threatened species, and species of special concern; analyse the effect of land use and environmental activities on wildlife and habitat; and make recommendations about conservation of wildlife and habitat. Species at risk in PEI and other regions of Canada are listed under the Federal Species at Risk Act.

In Canada, the Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife Species (COSEWIC) includes government, academic, and non-government experts who assess species as extinct, extirpated (locally extinct), endangered or threatened. COSEWIC maintains a database of species at risk which can be searched by province, species, and federal COSEWIC risk category.

To learn more about species at risk in PEI, contact Rosemary Curley, Chair of the PEI Species at Risk Advisory Committee by email or by calling (902) 368-4807.

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