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Forests, Fish and Wildlife

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Plants and Animals

Despite Prince Edward Island's settled appearance, our rivers, forests, wetlands, and other natural features support a wide variety of wild creatures. By clicking on the links listed below, you can learn more about game animals, fresh water fish, backyard wildlife, native plants, and species at risk.

Backyard Wildlife

Links to help you attract and feed a wide range of colourful winter birds.

Familiar Wildlife of PEI
Wild birds, mammals, amphibians and other creatures are an integral part of the Island's environment. This site includes information and links on a wide range of the furbearer, upland game and waterfowl species found in Island forests, fields and waterways.

Birds of PEI
There are about 333 species of birds that call the Prince Edward Island home, visit here on their annual migration, or are considered to be rare or occassional visitors. This site contains information on common species, databases on most avian species, links to birding and conservation organizations, and ideas on where and how to see birds in their natural environment.

Plants of PEI
Approximately 1,300 different types of plants can be found thoughout Prince Edward Island. These include species, subspecies and varieties of native plants, as well as non-native plants. The Plants of PEI site contains a full list of the plants found on PEI as well as a link to Woodland Lands of PEI reference guide.

Exotic Wildlife
Many people bring non-native animals into PEI from other areas.  Exotic Wildlife must be registered with the Province and meet a number of regulatory standards.

Freshwater Fish of PEI
Visit the Freshwater Fish of PEI site to learn more about fish species that spend all or part of their lifecycle in the Island's freshwater ecosystems.

Participate in the Frogwatch PEI program to help increase knowledge of frogs and toads in the province.  Learn how to record and submit observations that are important in monitoring the health of PEI wetlands on this site. [External Link]

Species at Risk
PEI's Wildlife Conservation Act includes provisions for the protection of species at risk and their habitats. The Species at Risk site offers information on plants, animals or other organisms that are considered to be endangered, threatened or of special concern because of sensitivity to human activities or natural events.

Wildlife-related Diseases
The Wildlife-related Diseases site offers information on West Nile Disease and Avian Influenza. You can also access information on White Nose Syndrome, a serious fungal infection affecting bats in North America nd PEI

Nuisance and Problem Wildlife
While most people enjoy watching and learning about the Island's wild creatures, occassionally problems can arise when wild animals come into contact with people. The Nuisance and Problem Wildlife site offers information and tips designed to help you deal with problem animals such as skunks, racoons and foxes.

Lost or "Abandoned" Young Wild Animals
Every spring, people report finding young animals that seem to be lost or abandoned by their parents. This site offers topical information when dealing with such situations.

Other Wildlife Links
Visit the Wildlife Links site to access information on a wide variety of wildlife conservation and education groups and organizations.
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