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Forests, Fish and Wildlife

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Dealing with Nuisance and Problem Wildlife

Nuisance wildlife Animals that destroy gardens, rummage through garbage cans, spray pets and people or create dens in urban areas are often considered to be nuisances. In most cases, human activities and practices contribute to these problems but with some time and effort, these problems can often be dealt with quickly and effectively.

A toll-free information line is available to report injured wildlife or for information about how to deal with various wildlife concerns including problems with coyotes, raccoons, skunks or foxes.  Some Island municipalities have staff and/or programs to help property owners deal with urban wildlife issues.

Publications and Resources

All resources can be downloaded as PDFs: 

Staff of Forests, Fish and Wildlife can also provide information and advice on how to handle special problems, and where necessary, may launch an investigation.

Dealing with Lost or Abandoned Young Animals

General Contact Information

(902) 368-4683

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