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Forests, Fish and Wildlife

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Trapping and Furbearers Licences

Trapping licences and permits can be purchased at Access PEI locations noted below.

Trapping Licence

You must acquire a trappers licence in order to trap certain wildlife in Prince Edward Island. You cannot obtain this licence unless you first take the Trapper Education Course.

Fee:  $10.00 for resident trapping licence for those 16 years and older. A resident is a person who has resided in PEI for at least six months prior to purchasing the licence.

You must also have a valid Wildlife Conservation Fund Licence which costs $20 ($13 for seniors 65 years and older). The Wildlife Conservation Fund Licence fee is charged once annually with the first fishing, hunting or trapping licence purchased.

Fur Export Permit

A permit is required to export fur outside the province. Call 902 368 4683 for information on how to acquire a Fur Export permit.

Fur Dealer's Licence

Anyone who buys the pelts of wild furbearing animals in PEI must have a fur dealer's licence.

Fees: $175.00 for a non-resident and $25.00 for a resident.

A resident is a person who:

  • has resided in the province for a period of six (6) months prior to making an application for a license;
  • is taking educational training of a three-month minimum duration within the province and has resided in the province for a period of two weeks immediately prior to making an application for a licence;
  • is taking educational training outside the province and resided in the province for a period of six months immediately prior to taking the educational training;
  • proves to the satisfaction of the Minister that he or she has resided in the province for the purpose of employment for an aggregate period of six months within the twelve months immediately preceding the making of an application; or,
  • was born in the province and owns real property in the province.
The Fur Dealer's Licence must be purchased from the Department of Agriculture and Forestry.

Service Location

Access PEI Alberton

Access PEI Charlottetown

Access PEI Montague

Access PEI O'Leary

Access PEI Tignish

Access PEI Wellington

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