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Forests, Fish and Wildlife

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Wild Fire Information

Important Notice: The information, forms and services available through these pages are being transferred to our new web site: over the next few weeks. Please refer to that site for future searches related to report wildfires, obtain a burning permit or access the daily Fire Weather Index rating for your area.

Uncontrolled wild fires can be a serious problem on PEI. Often, they result from people using fire to burn off old grasses, incinerate trash, remove brush from land clearing or conversion operations, or from equipment sparks. Whatever the cause, these fires can be very destructive to homes, cottages, forests, farms buildings, crops, livestock and people.

Fire season on P.E.I runs from March 15 to November 30 each year and during this period, people must have a valid burning permit for all outdoor fires. However, many Island municipalities also have their own fire regulations, so people must also check with their local fire department or municipal government for any regulations and restrictions which apply in their area.

Call 911 to report the location of a forest fire.

Fire Weather Index:

The Fire Weather Index contains detailed information on current burning conditions across the Island. This site is updated regularly during fire season to provide burning permit holders with up-to-date information.

Buring Permit Information:

Burning Permits are required for all outdoor burning operations on PEI during fire season. They are designed to promote safe burning practices by providing the holder with information on how and when to use fire safely and effectively. Permits also allow forest fire managers to identify when and where planned burning operations will occur.

Burning Permit are available free of charge at any Forests, Fish and Wildlife Division office but the holder must sign the permit stating they they have read and understand the burning permit's requirements. Additional information on forest fire safety is available in Controlling the Burn

PEI Forest Fire Statistics and History:

The Forests, Fish and Wildlife Division provides information on past wild fire seasons from 1958 to 2012 PEI Wildfire Statistics.

In 1960, a serious and long lasting wildfire impacted thousands of hectares of forest in the west Prince County area. You can read a record of news clippings and personal accounts at the 1960 West Prince Wildfire.
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