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Forests, Fish and Wildlife

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Woodland Notes Series

Woodland Notes


The Woodland Notes series has been developed to increase land owners' understanding of a variety of forest harvest and management concepts and options. Most are based on common questions and concerns Island land owner have about a variety of forest-related issues.

Volume #1: Selling Wood From Your Land provides land owners with tips and ideas to help them deal with subjects such as contracts, wood prices, and several other forest harvest and management concerns.

Volume #2: Harvest Choices for Island Forests explains the three most common harvest systems used on P.E.I. and when and where each system can best meet the needs of the land owner and their woodlands.

Volume #3: Forest Management Plans - Your Forest Stewardship Guide explains the advantages  of developing an effective forest management plan that addresses your goals and the capabilities of your land.

Volume #4: Ground Hemlock. A Land Owners Guide to Selling Taxus canadensis 
deals with issues related to the sustainable harvest of this valued medicinal plant and how land owners can ensure their harvest rights are protected.

Volume #5: Creating Healthy Forests by Cutting Firewood
encourages land owners to use the poorest quality trees as low value products such as firewood while managing the best quality trees for high-end, valuable wood  products.
Volume #6: Proper Pruning explores how to prune forest trees so that you can create higher value wood products and improve the health of a typical small woodlot.
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