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HST Business Questionnaire

Fields marked with a red star (*) are mandatory.

Our economy

Our economy is built on the enterprising nature of Islanders. We have the second largest per capita share of small and medium sized businesses in Canada. Through the implementation of the HST we will continue to provide the support and competitive business environment that will attract, retain and grow this valuable sector.
Benefits of HST

Most businesses will experience tax savings under HST.
Tax savings can be used to:
Increase bottom line
Re-invest in business and enhance economy
Reduce prices
Part I

Please answer the following questions indicating Yes or No.
1. Are the goods or services that your industry sells taxable under GST rules at either 5% or 0%?: *
2. Are the goods or services that your industry sells exempt under GST rules?: *
3. Are the goods or services that your industry sells subject to revenue tax (PST)?: *
4. Are the items you purchase to be incorporated into the goods and services you sell subject to PST?: *
5. Does your industry regularly enter into contracts for the sale of goods or services that span a period of more than 30 days?: *
6. Are your customers primarily GST/HST registrants?: *
7. Is your industry group interested in having a face to face meeting with officials from the Department of Finance, Energy and Municipal Affairs?: *
If yes please provide options (several dates and times) when your group would be available to meet.:
Part II - Please answer the following questions:

1. What is the primary activity of your industry?: *
2. What are the main goods or services that your industry sells?: *
3(a). The Province is implementing the HST in April 2013. What do you perceive as the benefits of HST for your industry?: *
3(b). What do you perceive as negative consequences of HST for your industry?: *
4: *
One of the objectives of the Implementation Team is to develop rules for transition from GST/PST tax system to the HST tax system. Transition rules ensure that there are no instances of double taxation or instances of tax gaps. For example, a transition rule will be required in the construction industry for contracts that span both tax systems. In this regard, please list areas in your industry that you feel may require transitional rules.
5: *
In preparing material for one-on-one meetings it is useful to have a sample expense statement which represents your industry group. Revenue and gross/net profit figures are not required. Detailed information on expense types and total annual expense for each type is very useful. Please list expense types and total annual expense per type (or attach a spreadsheet) which represent your industry group.
(attach a spreadsheet):
Name of industry group: *
Contact name: *
Telephone number: *
Fax number: *
E-mail address: *

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