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Jobs For Youth Program: Private Sector Application for Employers

The Private Sector Component of the Jobs for Youth Program is designed to create jobs for Island students by providing a financial incentive to private sector employers to hire new employees.

Eligible employers can include new or existing businesses on PEI.

Eligible employees must be residents of PEI, entitled to work in Canada and must not be members of the employer's immediate family.

Please read the guidelines before completing this application.

Fields marked with a red star (*) are mandatory.

Part I - Application Information

Business/Community: *
Mailing Address: *
Civic Address: *
Postal Code: *
Telephone: *
Revenue Canada Payroll Number: *
Business Name Registry Number:
Workers Compensation Board Employer Number: *
Contact Name (Primary): *
Telephone: *
Contact Name (Alternate):
Part II - Project Description

A. State the name of your project:
B. State the objective(s) or anticipated results of your proposal:
C. Outline the activities to meet the objective(s):
D. When will your project operate ?

* Payroll operates from Sunday to Saturday. Normally you would start on Monday and finish on Friday.
Start Date: *
Finish Date: *
E. List position(s) required to carry out the project by position title, start and finish and duration.

Position Title 1: *
Start Date 1: *
Finish Date 1: *
Hours per week 1: *
Total Weeks 1: *
Position Title 2:
Start Date 2:
Finish Date 2:
Hours per week 2:
Total Weeks 2:
Total Number of Position Weeks:
F. State the perferred education/skill/work experience for each position above.

Position Title 1: *
Position Title 2:
G. Is your project a new initiative ? (if not ) explain why the project is being revived.

Project initiative:
H. Was your project proposal previously funded through a government program? If so, indicate the name of the program and attach a project summary of activities carried out.

Program name and project summary:
I. What long-term benefits will be derived from your proposed project?

Long-term project benifits:
J. Name who will be responsible for maintaining the employee(s) time sheets and providing supervision to the employee(s).

Payroll Supervisor: *
Title: *
Telephone: *
Work Supervisor: *
Title: *
Telephone: *
K. Please calculate the amount of funds your project will require.

Total Number of Position Weeks:
(From Section E)
(Minimum wage + (Hours/Week) (Funds Requested) 4% Vacation Pay):
(Funds Requested):
Declaration: *
I certify that the foregoing statements made by me are true in substance.

I authorize the PE I Employment Development Agency and the PE I Department of Fisheries, Aquaculture and Rural Development to verify the above information, to obtain or release information pertaining to m y suitability for employment and/or toobtain or release confidential information on employment insurance eligibility to be use d only for the purpose o f providing employment opportunities.

Do you want a copy of the form?

Please send me a simple text-only version of the information I submitted.
Please send me an Acrobat version of the form, with the information I've entered above filled in, that I can print and save.
Please send me both the text-only version and the PDF.
Important Note: Email is not, by its very nature, a secure medium; if you choose to have your form emailed to you, the information you entered will be transmitted over the public Internet to your email box.

Email to address:

Submit the Form

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When you click here, the information you've entered above will be sent to the public servant responsible for receiving and processing this form. If you've opted to receive an Acrobat version of the form by email, you will receive this file shortly.
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