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Response Report - Office of the Fire Marshal

Fields marked with a red star (*) are mandatory.

Fire Department

Fire Department: *
Please select your fire department.
Fire Department Number: *
Please enter your unique Fire Department Number.
Report Number:
Fire Information

Enter the location of the fire.
Please enter the civic (911) address.
Street Number: *
Street/Road Name: *
Street Type: *
Community: *
Owner/Occupant: *
Please enter the name of the owner or occupant.
Enter the address if different than the response location.
Date of the Fire:
Time of Fire: *
Enter hour and minutes. For example, enter 23:34
Response Type

What type of situation did you respond to? Was it a fire, public hazard, rescue or accident?
Rubbish Fire
Grass Fire
Furnace or Stove Malfunction
Explosion (No Fire)
Assistance to other Fire Department

Public Hazard:
Washroom (Hazardous products)
Propane Gas Leak
Dangerous Goods - Spill or Leak
Ruptured Water/Steam Pipe
Power Lines Down/Arcing
Bomb/Explosive Removal/Standby
Other (Public Hazard)

Vehicle Extrication
Persons trapped in Elevator
Other Rescues

Vehicle (No Fire)
Home or Residential Property
Commercial or Industrial Property

Resuscitator Call:
Asphyxia or Respiratory condition
Electric shock
Traumatic shock
Heart Attack
Drug Related
Aid not required on arrival

False Alarm - Malicious:
Educational Occupancy
Residential Occupancy
Other malicious false alarm

Alarm - No fire:
Sprinkler - Pressure Change
Detector Activated
Alarm Accidential
Equipment Malfunction
Smoke‚ Steam‚ etc. Mistaken for fire
Unknown odour Investigaed

Other Response:
Assistance to Police or Other Agencies
Authorized F.D.Activated Activity
First Aid
Other Public Service

Alarm to Fire Department:
Telephone from Other
      Emergency/Protection Agency
Automatic System
      - Connection to F.D. or Dispatch
Manaul System
      - Connection to F.D. or dispatch
Automatic sprinkler system
      - Connection to F.D. or Dispatch
Still Alarm (Verbal report to station)
Telephone to F.D. or Central Dispatch
Other than Above
Response Information

Response Time: *
Enter the response time in minutes.
Responding Personnnel: *
How many personnel responded?
What is the total manhours?
Back in Service:
How long before the department was back in service?

Persons Rescued
Casuality reports
If there were any events or situations that should be noted, please enter your remarks here.
Chief: *
Or the name of the person submitting the report.

Do you want a copy of the form?

Please send me a simple text-only version of the information I submitted.
Please send me an Acrobat version of the form, with the information I've entered above filled in, that I can print and save.
Please send me both the text-only version and the PDF.
Important Note: Email is not, by its very nature, a secure medium; if you choose to have your form emailed to you, the information you entered will be transmitted over the public Internet to your email box.

Email to address:

Submit the Form

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When you click here, the information you've entered above will be sent to the public servant responsible for receiving and processing this form. If you've opted to receive an Acrobat version of the form by email, you will receive this file shortly.
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