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2000 Air Photo Index

PEI 2000 Air Photo Index_point

Frequently-anticipated questions:

What does this data set describe?

    Title: PEI 2000 Air Photo Index_point
    Abstract: Index of Air Photos and Flight Paths taken for the province

  1. How should this data set be cited?

    Glen, Bill, 2001-06-12, PEI 2000 Air Photo Index_point.

    Online Links:

    • \\PEI 2000 Air Photo Index_point.shp

  2. What geographic area does the data set cover?

    West_Bounding_Coordinate: 65
    East_Bounding_Coordinate: 61
    North_Bounding_Coordinate: 47
    South_Bounding_Coordinate: 45

  3. What does it look like?

  4. Does the data set describe conditions during a particular time period?

    Calendar_Date: 2000
    Currentness_Reference: Complete

  5. What is the general form of this data set?

    Geospatial_Data_Presentation_Form: vector digital data

  6. How does the data set represent geographic features?

    1. How are geographic features stored in the data set?

      This is a Vector data set. It contains the following vector data types (SDTS terminology):

      • Entity point (1784)

    2. What coordinate system is used to represent geographic features?

      The map projection used is Double Stereographic.

      Projection parameters:

      Planar coordinates are encoded using coordinate pair
      Abscissae (x-coordinates) are specified to the nearest 0.000512
      Ordinates (y-coordinates) are specified to the nearest 0.000512
      Planar coordinates are specified in meters

      The horizontal datum used is North American Datum of 1983 (CSRS).
      The ellipsoid used is Geodetic Reference System 80.
      The semi-major axis of the ellipsoid used is 6378137.000000.
      The flattening of the ellipsoid used is 1/298.257222.

  7. How does the data set describe geographic features?

    PEI 2000 Air Photo Index_point

    Internal feature number. (Source: ESRI)

    Sequential unique whole numbers that are automatically generated.

    Feature geometry. (Source: ESRI)

    Coordinates defining the features.

Who produced the data set?

  1. Who are the originators of the data set? (may include formal authors, digital compilers, and editors)

    • Bill Glen

  2. Who also contributed to the data set?

  3. To whom should users address questions about the data?

    Forestry & Land Resource Modelling, Department of Environment, Energy and Forestry
    c/o Bill Glen
    PO Box 2000
    Charlottetown, PEI C1A 7N8

    902-368-4700 (voice)
    902-368-4713 (FAX)

Why was the data set created?

Points at which airphotos where taken to interpret landuse in 2000 on PEI.

How was the data set created?

  1. From what previous works were the data drawn?

  2. How were the data generated, processed, and modified?

  3. What similar or related data should the user be aware of?

    Glen, Bill, 2001-06-12, 2000 Air Photo Index.

How reliable are the data; what problems remain in the data set?

  1. How well have the observations been checked?

  2. How accurate are the geographic locations?

  3. How accurate are the heights or depths?

  4. Where are the gaps in the data? What is missing?

  5. How consistent are the relationships among the observations, including topology?

How can someone get a copy of the data set?

Are there legal restrictions on access or use of the data?

Access_Constraints: See Digital Data Agreement
Use_Constraints: See Digital Data Agreement

  1. Who distributes the data set? (Distributor 1 of 1)

    Forestry & Land Resource Modeling
    c/o Bill Glen
    PO Box 2000
    Charlottetown, PEI C1A 7N8

    (902)368-4700 (voice)
    (902)368-4713 (FAX)

  2. What's the catalog number I need to order this data set?

    Downloadable Data, CD-Rom

  3. What legal disclaimers am I supposed to read?

  4. How can I download or order the data?

    • Availability in digital form:

      Data format: ESRI Shapefile, MapInfo MID/MIF (version ESRI ArcGIS 8.3, MapInfo Pro 7.0) Size: 0.448
      Network links:
      Media you can order: CD-ROM

    • Cost to order the data: Free to download, $25/CD minimum

Who wrote the metadata?

Last modified: 01-Mar-2005

Metadata author:
Forestry & Land Resource Modeling, Dept. of Environment, Energy & Forestry
c/o Bill Glen
PO Box 2000
Charlottetown, PEI C1A 7N8

902-368-4700 (voice)
902-368-4713 (FAX)

Metadata standard:
FGDC Content Standards for Digital Geospatial Metadata (FGDC-STD-001-1998)

Metadata extensions used:

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