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Collaboration on health care achieves results for Canadians
Work has focused on the priority areas of pharmaceuticals, appropriateness of care, and seniors care, including aging in place and early diagnosis and treatment of dementia.

Through work in their respective jurisdictions and their collaboration on the Health Care Innovation Working Group (HCIWG), Canada's Premiers have demonstrated their commitment to enhancing Canadians’ health care and achieving better value for money across health care systems.

Province improving access to hearing tests for Islanders
Beginning in October of this year, audiologists with Masters level training will be able to bill the health system directly, significantly reducing financial barriers to audiology services and providing more efficient access for Islanders.

An expansion of the role of private audiologists will provide Islanders with better access to procedures such as hearing tests.

Vital Statistics services available online

Islanders are now able to apply for and purchase birth, marriage and death certificates online as well as applications and renewals to be a Marriage Commissioner.

Province announces seven new physicians
Since 2007 the province has recruited and retained 79 new physicians to Prince Edward Island.

Islanders seeking medical treatment will have better access to care thanks to the recent successful hiring of seven new physicians.

Building support for Islanders with diabetes
(L-R): Terry Lewis, Canadian Diabetes Association; Health and Wellness Minister Doug Currie; Provincial Diabetes Program Medical Director Dr. Lenley Adams; and Bradley Butterfield.

The new Prince Edward Island Diabetes Strategy and Insulin Pump Program for Children and Youth will help Islanders who are living with or at risk of developing diabetes.

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