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Chief Mental Health and Addictions Office

Who is the Chief Mental Health and Addictions Officer?

Dr. Rhonda Matters is Prince Edward Island’s first Chief Mental Health and Addictions Officer. She has ultimate responsibility for mental health and addictions policy and planning with a focus on improving services offered across all provincial government departments. She and her staff work with all departments and community partners, as well as Islanders with personal experiences, to develop a long-term vision and strategy for the province.

Why was the Chief Mental Health and Addictions Office (CMHAO) created?

The CMHAO was created in November 2013 in response to the 2013 MRSB Review of Services and Supports [PDF - 1 Mb].

What does the CMHAO do for Islanders?

  • Establish goals for supporting and promoting the mental health of Islanders and reduce gambling and substance abuse
  • Create a long-term collaborative plan for mental health and addictions from prevention to treatment
  • Pursue policies that support promotion, prevention, early intervention, treatment and recovery
  • Increase public awareness of mental health and addictions issues
  • Work to eliminate stigma and discrimination around mental health and addictions
  • Collect and assess data on mental health and addictions in the province
  • Maintain the provincial Gambling Helpline

Dr. Matters also receives advice from the Provincial Mental Health and Addictions Advisory Council. The Council is client-centered and includes experienced representatives from community organizations, health, mental health, education and justice sectors, as well as other stakeholders.

Where can I find more information about mental health and addictions?

News Releases:

Reports and Reviews:

Related Links:

How can I contact CMHAO?

Chief Mental Health and Addictions Office
Telephone: (902) 368-5057
Fax: (902) 620-3081
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