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Wellness strategy helping Islanders take steps toward better health
Wellness strategy
(L-R): Alexander MacKay; Health and Wellness Minister Doug Currie; PEI wellness ambassador Heather Moyse; Lynn-Anne Hogan; Paul Chessman.

Prince Edward Islandís new wellness strategy will provide Islanders with more opportunity to improve their physical and mental health.

New Charlottetown clinic frees up inpatient addiction beds
PEI Methodone treatment
Health and Wellness Minister Doug Currie tours the Charlottetown Addictions Clinic with Dr. Peter Hooley and is shown how methodone treatment is prepared.

A new physician-led addictions clinic in Charlottetown is helping hundreds of Islanders to get their lives back.

Island students have more opportunities to be physically active
Island students have more opportunities to be physically active
(L-R): Barb Mullaly, member of the go!PEI Steering Committee; Minister Currie; Lieutenant Governor Frank Lewis; Cam Beach, Charlottetown Canadian Tire Dealer; Premier Ghiz.

The provincial government is partnering with Canadian Tire to provide physical activity equipment to Prince Edward Island schools.

Program offers eye exam and glasses to kindergarten children
Eye See...Eye Learn
Health and Wellness Minister Doug Currie reads with students at West Kent school.

A new program called Eye See...Eye Learn, will help kindergarten children with eye and vision problems.

go!PEI January Mini-Challenge
go!PEI January Mini-Challenge
The January Mini-Challenge is aimed at helping Islanders make small changes to their lifestyle to boost physical and mental health.

go!PEI is challenging all Islanders to aim for a healthier and happier new year. Download a calendar from the go!PEI website and check each day off as you complete the activity. The more activities you complete, the more ballots you will receive for a chance to win prizes.

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