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Government adds 10 medications to Provincial Pharmacare
Minister Doug Currie
Some Islanders joined Minister Currie at the Legislature for the announcement that government will be adding new medications to help Islanders battle disease.

Government is enhancing drug programs by adding 10 new drugs - or new indications for existing drugs - to help Islanders battle disease. The $1.1 million investment will help lessen the financial burden for some Islanders in need of treatment and compassion.

Flumist preferred flu vaccine for children
Flu shot clinic
(L to R): Marianne Waite; Madison Waite; Spencer Waite and Lorna Hanlon (Public Health Nurse).

Parents reluctant to deal with children who donít want to get a needle should know that children can, and should, receive the influenza vaccine through a nasal spray, says Chief Public Health Officer Dr. Heather Morrison.

Atlantic Drug Summit Sets Path for Regional Cooperation in Pharmacare
Atlantic Health Ministers
(L-R)Newfoundland and Labrador Minister of Health and Community Service Steven Kent,New Brunswick Health Minister Victor Boudreau,Prince Edward Island Minister of Health and Wellness Doug Currie;Nova Scotia Minister of Health and Wellness Leo Glavine.

Ministers of Health from all four Atlantic provinces gathered in Prince Edward Island for an Atlantic Summit on Healthcare and Drug Cost Sustainability.

Protect yourself, your family and the community: get the flu shot.
Flu shot clinic

Everyone over the age of six months should get the flu shot every year, says Health and Wellness Minister Doug Currie.

Expanding youth mental health and addiction services
(L-R): Health and Wellness Minister Doug Currie; Environment, Labour and Justice Minister Janice Sherry; and Chief Mental Health and Addictions Officer Dr. Rhonda Matters.

New investments of $9 million over three years will help to ensure that Island youth can access enhanced mental health and addictions treatment here in Prince Edward Island.

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