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Inspections of Community Care Facilities and Nursing Homes

The Department of Health and Wellness is responsible for the inspection of Community Care Facilities and Private Nursing Homes in the province pursuant to the Community Care Facilities and Nursing Homes Act.  Licenses are issued by the Community Care Facilities and Nursing Homes Board, whose functions are set out in the Act.

Inspection and Licensing of Community Care Facilities
Inspection and Licensing of Private Nursing Homes

Ensuring safe, appropriate health care services and well-being of private nursing home and community care residents is a priority.

Inspections are conducted to ensure these facilities comply with regulatory requirements to be licensed to operate. Licensing requirements are defined by the Community Care Facilities and Nursing Homes Act,Regulations, Board policies, and the related Operational and Care Service Standards.  All facilities are required to hold an active operator’s license.

Facilities are subject to care services inspections annually in order to achieve relicensing by the Community Care Facilities and Nursing Homes Board.  These inspections may be at any reasonable time, may be unannounced and can take a number of days to complete depending on the size of the facility.  Where the board deems it necessary, facilities may be subject to more frequent inspection visits.

Inspection findings are reviewed with the operators and a completed inspection report is provided to the facility.  The inspection reports found on this web site contain all information related to care service inspections, with personal information removed to protect and respect the privacy of residents and employees.


Publication on web site

The publication of the facilities annual Care Services Inspection Report Checklist is part of the government’s commitment to public accountability and transparency.

Contact Information:

Community Care Facilities & Nursing Homes Consultant

16 Fitzroy Street, Charlottetown, PE, C1A 7N8
(902) 368.4953
(902) 569-7656


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